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A nighttime journey through the city’s dark streets and alleyways with Candlelight Ghost Tours of Frederick uncovers politically savvy and defiant citizens, patriots from the Revolutionary War, beckoning soldiers from the Civil War, unknown actors from the stage and countless other “Conduits for the Dead.”

Based upon factual events, and actual eyewitness encounters, the evening candlelight walking tours highlight numerous “Epicenters” of paranormal activity located in the historic district of downtown Frederick.

Master storytellers dressed in period attire from Frederick’s past lead visitors through the city’s dark streets and alleyways in search of the infamous, the unknown and the unexplained.

Dare to believe! Visit Frederick’s past, discover her mysteries, and maybe, just maybe, encounter one of her past inhabitants – still very much alive for those brave enough to investigate why they so stubbornly and defiantly remain.

“History after dark in a town with a cold grip on its past. Revolutionary and Civil War stories in Frederick provide plenty of fodder for tales of strange phenomena.”

“Frederick’s stories are not for the faint of heart. Spine-tingling tales kept the group riveted throughout the evening.”

“It’s a ninety-minute foray into the world of maverick entities, misguided souls and lost spirits!”

Founded in 1745, Fredericktown, as it was known, was originally a distant isolated outpost for hardy pioneers heading west to the frontier. Frederick was home to Francis Scott Key, author of the Star Spangled Banner; Maryland’s first governor, Thomas Johnson; Civil War Heroine, Barbara Fritchie; as well as, controversial Supreme Court Justice, Roger Brooke Taney. Frederick also played host to such notable figures as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

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